Vampire Facelift

What is the Vampire Facelift?

Widely known as the Vampire Facelift, platelet-rich plasma treatment is the height of age-defying technology. This widely-acclaimed and FDA-approved procedure maximizes your body's own healing powers. The non-surgical treatment helps you look your youthful best in a more organic, low-risk, and long-lasting way. When applied to the face, hands, neck or d├ęcolletage, patients walk away with an effortlessly natural look, a coveted result that has been hard to attain, until now.

Big results in little time

Such an advanced treatment may sound time-consuming, but we've mastered the process. It's actually something we can do on your lunch break, all in the comfort of our office. After just a couple weeks, the injection and your body will be working together to make you look years younger. And since this treatment has long-lasting effects, you'll avoid frequent trips to our office. In today's fast-paced world, finding time to schedule appointments is something none of us mind avoiding.

Tapping in to Your Own Body’s Unmatched Therapeutic Capabilities

Using a small sample of your own blood, we can extract the most powerful healing properties your body produces. The platelet-rich plasma provides the foundation for a solution loaded with growth factor, naturally occurring chemicals and hormones that foster tissue rejuvenation. Once injected under the damaged areas, your body takes care of the rest. The weakened tissue that leads wrinkles and hollow spots is refueled; deficiencies disappear. And your appearance is restored to reflect how youthful you really feel.

Dramatically Reduced Risk of Side Effects

Since the treatment injects a solution essentially designed by your own biological processes, the risk of uncomfortable allergic reactions, painful bruising, and unsightly lumps is all but eliminated. This treatment repairs the tissue that gives your skin shape without drastically reconfiguring your most delicate spots like the face, hands, neck or d├ęcolletage.

Additional Treatment Options

While the Vampire Facelift can work marvels on its own, it also provides you a great flexibility when selecting the rejuvenating treatment that's best for you. We can formulate a mixture of popular synthetic fillers (most often Juvederm) and plasma to fit your specific needs. This can reduce the amount of synthetic filler necessary to provide a natural look.

Combining this treatment with a Microneedling procedure is another great option. Doing so eliminates the need for injections. We can simply apply the platelet-rich plasma solution topically. Your skin absorbs all the healing properties bringing back a youthful glow.